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Licensed Structual Engineers Denver CO Builders Depend On

A Denver Structural Engineer is an invaluable asset to any builder, real estate agent, or home owner.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, having an expert check out the structure seems like a no-brainer. But many folks don’t realize just how valuable a thorough inspection by a structural engineer can be.

These guys are like the doctors of the construction world. They’ll put the building through a full inspection, making sure all of the structural elements are intact. Things that a home inspector does not check.

So if you’re listing a house, bringing in an engineer first thing can get you ahead of any problems. Maybe the foundation has cracks that need to be checked out or support beams are bent. Getting these things inspected by a structural engineer is an important first step you should take.

And if you’re house hunting, you want to make sure the home is structurally sound to prevent costly repairs in the future. Things like cracks signalling settlement problems or weakened framing from renovation projects. The engineer’s report lets you know what you’re getting into, so you can make an informed decision.

The bottom line is, with something as important as property investments, it pays to have an expert take a hard look on the inside, where it counts. Leave inspections to the pros. For real estate agents and buyers alike, it’s info that’s worth its weight in gold – or in this case, wood and brick!

So next time you walk through a home or building, take a moment to appreciate the structural engineers who make sure it’s safe as can be.

Why Choose Denver Structural Engineers

Quick Response Rate

Buying a house and need a structural inspection right away? Waiting days for quotes can ruin deals.

We make customer service a top priority. Our engineers answer calls quickly and get inspection reports done same-day in most cases.

Structural designs need precision. But we simplified the process to respond faster. Our online forms and email tools speed up consult times.

We also track every inquiry in our system. It reminds us to follow up promptly if a quote is pending. This ensures every call and email gets a fast reply.

When buying a home, quick answers provide peace of mind. For time-sensitive deals, our rapid responses are invaluable. On important structural questions, fast help makes all the difference. Contact us right away to get you scheduled.


Extensive Engineering Experience

In the Denver Structural Engineering field, residential and commercial projects need extensive experience and expertise.

Our Professional Denver Structural Engineers have dozens of years of experience performing structural inspections, integrity checks of wood-framed homes, and everything in between. Our extensive portfolio gives us insight on many different structural systems and construction types, sizes, purposes, and locations.

For structural soundness, wide expertise rules. Our engineers have shown their expertise on all types of projects. Their versatile skills benefit homeowners doing remodels and developers building up. Their range demonstrates top-notch engineering talent.

Affordable Engineering Solutions

Our Denver Structural Engineering Firm specializes in well-designed plans and inspections at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide top quality engineering that doesn’t cost too much.

We know hiring engineers can be pricey, especially for small projects. But good structural plans are key to avoid issues later. So we aim to give reliable designs while keeping fees low.

We partner with contractors to get discounts for our clients on materials and labor. We also use new methods to find cost-saving options.

When we say “affordable,” we never mean flimsy or second-rate designs. We thoroughly check each plan to ensure safety and quality. Our licensed engineers fully stand behind their work.

Our expertise helps prevent big problems later by catching things early when easier to fix. Investing in good engineering now avoids headaches later.

Clients get personalized service from our skilled team. They gain confidence their project was done properly.

We believe everyone should have access to our level of quality services. Not just those with big budgets. We tailor our advice to each client’s needs and resources. If you need an economical home or office plan, contact us. We can find solutions that meet your goals without extremely high prices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you hire one of our Structural Engineers in Denver, you get more than just plans and calculations. You get a partner committed to your complete satisfaction. How? By truly listening to understand your vision, goals, and limits so we can find the best solutions together.

We have over 15 years of experience on many different residential and commercial projects. We have the skills to handle any structural needs or challenges that come up. We’ve reinforced foundations on century-old homes, designed steel systems for high-rises, and found creative fixes for tight urban remodels.

We also keep our rates clear and competitive. Our priority is to provide real value through thoughtful designs, not try to up-sell you. We encourage you to be open about your budget flexibility so we can make a custom solution just for you.

We gain more clients by earning their trust and confidence. Our decades of experience, problem-solving skills, and fair rates make me your residential engineering partner from first sketch to final inspection. Let’s work together to make your structural vision a reality! Give us a call and let’s bring your project to life together.

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Structural Engineer Inspections

We carry out a thorough assessment of existing buildings or new structures. We use a variety of tools, including a multimeter, to detect issues such as sagging floors that could point to a structural concern.

Common issues that would require a Denver Structural Engineer Inspection include:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Renovations or additions
  • Signs of structural problems
  • Peace of mind
  • Meeting insurance requirements
  • Preparing for a remodel

I’ve had a client named James who was interested in an 1890s Victorian. From the outside everything looked pristine, but when I went into the basement I discovered severe cracks compromising the brick foundation. We determined the entire structure would need reinforcing before it could safely be inhabited. James avoided a devastating surprise down the road.

When you hire me, I thoroughly examine all the critical structural components – foundation, floors, and load-bearing walls. I identify any sagging, cracking, or deterioration issues. Then I provide detailed recommendations on necessary repairs and reinforcements so you can budget appropriately.

My expertise also comes in handy during additions or renovations. I work closely with architects and contractors to ensure existing elements can handle added weight and strain. For my client Lisa, we reinforced her floor joists with steel beams before adding a second story addition. The project was a success and her home is solid as a rock.

Whether you’re buying an old house or remodeling, I’m here to provide experienced structural assessments. Let’s schedule a consultation so I can help you avoid nasty and costly surprises. My services provide peace of mind so you can enjoy your home for years to come.


residential structural engineer denver

Denver Residential Structural Engineer

Planning major renovations like expanding your garage or remodeling your kitchen? Those jobs affect a home’s structure. Having experienced Denver Residential Structural Engineers on your team helps with design and construction.

We have seen many homeowners spend thousands on beautiful renovations but then face huge structural problems later. These issues could have been prevented with planning. Sagging floors, cracking walls, weak ceilings – this happens a lot.

With over 15 years of local experience, we thoroughly check a home’s structural systems. We find issues before demolition starts. Things like cracked foundations, damaged load-bearing walls, termite damage, weak roof support. We identify the root causes and suggest solutions to include in your remodel plans.

For example, we worked with a client named Rebecca who wanted an open concept kitchen. But the wall she wanted to remove was load-bearing and held up her upper floor. Instead of removing it, we designed a steel beam to support the weight above. The final result was beautiful!

Whether your project is big or small, we’re here to provide experienced structural guidance on all your remodeling plans. Don’t leave your home’s stability to chance! Let’s meet for a free estimate and discuss your vision. Our expertise, plus your dreams, will equal remodeling success.

Our experience also helps when building a new home. We work closely with architects and builders from the initial design through construction. This collaboration ensures good structural integrity. It helps avoid costly mistakes later.

On new builds, we evaluate the foundation, framing, roofing and more. We match our input to the plans, location and weather factors. Our guidance optimizes stability and safety. Whether renovating or building new, we have the expertise to support your residential vision. Call us today to discuss your upcoming project!


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Commercial Property Structural Engineering

As a design engineer, I get excited when an architect or developer comes to me with a vision for a new commercial building. My job as a Commercial Structural Engineer is to take their creative ideas and make sure the building’s skeleton and bones will be strong enough to support it. 

For instance, I recently worked with a client who wanted to design a sleek high-rise with large, open floors and tons of glass. Looks amazing, but also challenging structurally! Together we brainstormed architecture and engineering ideas, like using interconnected steel framing on the interior core rather than bulky concrete columns. This allowed for the open feel without compromising support.

During design and analysis, I’m like a doting parent, overseeing all the details to make sure everything comes together per the engineered plans. Sure, it may annoy the property managers when I insist on re-inspecting something for the third time – but I’m just watching out for the building! 

It’s rewarding seeing one I designed years ago still going strong thanks to good structural bones. If you’re planning a new commercial project, I’d love to collaborate. 

structural engineers denver co

Structural Design

Our Denver, Colorado Structural Engineers provide our clients a highly skilled staff with a wide range of abilities to handle issues in a variety of sectors. We have used the most economical and creative methods when working on a variety of new commercial and residential building construction projects. We have collaborated with several architectural and construction companies, offering structural design detail drawings and other services like inspections throughout project construction.

Renovations to residential or commercial buildings, for example, frequently call for Structural Design Services and/or a building permit. We offer this service to all clients who need it as part of our dedication to socially responsible engineering. Our skilled staff offers the most affordable design in addition to stamped permit drawings. To come up with the best and most effective solutions, we’re always on the lookout for new innovations and technology.

On new custom homes, I work closely with architects and homeowners starting from initial design concepts. I evaluate foundation needs, provide framing specifications to support planned layouts, and design structural details for exterior elements like porches, garages, and decks. My engineering stamp on final plans gives clients confidence prior to construction.

Trusted Denver Structural Engineers

As experienced structural engineers here in the Denver area for over 15 years, I want to be your go to guy for any repair and restoration needs.  If you need any structural advice, I want to help provide practical solutions – whether you’re remodeling, buying a property, or just have some general questions. I am a proud member of

I recently worked with these great clients, James and Erica. They wanted to turn their detached garage into a little home office. Smart idea to get some extra workspace! Anyway, when I evaluated their garage, it turns out the roof framing wasn’t really built to hold heavy snow loads that are common around here. Replacing the whole thing would’ve been overkill. Instead, I suggested a simple retrofit by sistering some extra rafters alongside the existing ones. This reinforced the structure without breaking the bank. James and Erica were stoked to have their new winterized office in time for the holidays. I was glad we found an economical fix that suited their needs.

I also team up with real estate agents to provide structural inspection reports for their buyers. This gives huge peace of mind, allowing them to make purchase decisions based on sound structural advice rather than guesses. Just this week I inspected a beautiful Victorian that had some worn roof rafters. By reinforcing instead of fully replacing them, the buyers saved tens of thousands. 

My priority is always open communication and efficient solutions for your needs. I don’t get caught up in complex engineering just for the sake of it when simple, economical options will do. Let’s talk about your home or commercial building goals – whether an upcoming renovation or seeking some expert structural guidance, I’m excited to help!

If you are a Lexington shed builder, then a qualified structural engineer will be able to help you out on your building projects. If you have blueprints for your shed then the engineer can examine them and provide assistance in building techniques, choosing the correct building materials, and figuring out the load bearing calculations. 

Designing an Albany HVAC system can be a very tedious process. Let us take some of the guess work out of it by performing the load calculations for you. When installing any HVAC system you want to ensure that the buildings infrastructure you’re putting it on will maintain its structural integrity under the increased resulting weight.

A Structural Engineer Denver CO Residents Can Trust

I am licensed as a professional engineer and offer my assistance in Colorado for a wide range of customers. Our client’s needs are of utmost importance to us, and we take pleasure in the consulting services we provide. Every project we work on as a prosperous business has the same objective: to collaborate with our client’s vision while taking the construction budget and timeline into account. Our team is dedicated to meeting our clients’ demands promptly and effectively.

Our firm serves a wide range of clients locally and nationally. We offer common sense solutions that are dependable. Our focus on the little things and commitment to every project guarantee that inspection reports and construction paperwork are coordinated properly and that deadlines are always reached.

Our ability to adapt is unsurpassed for jobs of all sizes. Our company has a long history of creativity and inventive solutions, simply because we don’t hesitate to accept jobs that call for it.

We offer assistance in:

  • Architectural engineering
  • Multi-family residential construction
  • Structural design of residential housing
  • Remodels and additions 
  • Masonry and timber construction

We are a small company, so we are able to offer our clients the individualized, in-person support they want throughout the design and building process. 

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage from a recent hail storm, Structural Engineers in Denver can play a significant role in the process of repairing your roof. They can inspect the integrity of the roof and locate the source of the damage. After this analysis they will be able to design the necessary structural plans required to repair the roof correctly. For more information on roof repair visit, Roof repair Auckland

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Structural Engineering is a discipline of civil engineering. The laws of physics, mathematics, and empirical knowledge, are commonly applied in order to safely design the load bearing components of structures made by contractors. In order to properly predict the performance of all kinds of shapes and materials that are utilized in structures to withstand loads and stresses on structures, the expertise of a structural engineer is required. When the pyramids of Egypt and the Acropolis in Greece were being built. the same concepts of structural engineering that we used today were also employed back then.

Making sure that the structures we take for granted everyday such as, bridges and skyscrapers, are safe and don’t fail under heavy loads, are the main responsibility of trained, professional structural engineers. They have extensive knowledge of different types of construction materials, that are manufactured in different shapes and sizes and they apply this technical insight in order to determine the correct materials to be used that will persevere from the pressures and stresses of their atmosphere like bad weather, loads from gravity, and earthquakes.

  • Licensing – They should be a licensed professional structural engineer (PE) in your state. This demonstrates they have the necessary qualifications and expertise. Double check their license is valid and in good standing.
  • Specialization – Search for structural engineers who specialize in your type of project, whether it’s high-rises, bridges, renovations, etc. Their portfolio should include relevant examples.
  • Communication Skills – Can they explain structural concepts simply in plain English? Technical ability matters, but clear communication does too.
  • Responsiveness – Do they answer questions promptly and keep clients informed throughout projects? Good communication is key.
  • Analytical Mindset – They should methodically evaluate structures and address problems creatively but pragmatically. Flashy designs mean nothing without the engineering substance to back them up.
  • Detail-Oriented – Mistakes in structural plans can prove disastrous. Look for diligent, conscientious engineers who cross every t and dot every i.
  • Cost-Conscious – They should seek to balance safety, durability, sustainability with affordable solutions. Beware engineers who overdesign simply to inflate costs.

Choosing the right structural engineer for your specific project will ensure expert, trustworthy guidance from concept through construction. Don’t leave this key decision to chance – do your research!

  • Ask for Referrals – Speak to architects, contractors, or developer friends who have worked with structural engineers on similar projects. They’ll know who does good work.
  • Research Online Directories – Sites like the American Society of Civil Engineers allow you to search for structural engineers by location and specialty. Look for breadth of experience.
  • Evaluate Online Portfolios – Many firms showcase projects on their websites. Review examples that match your building type and scope. This also gives insight into their design aesthetics.
  • Check Credentials – Make sure any engineer you consider has an active professional engineering license in your state. You can verify credentials on sites like the National Society of Professional Engineers.
  • Interview Candidates – Have in-depth discussions about your project and assess communication skills. Do they listen attentively and explain concepts clearly?
  • Compare Bids – Beware an extremely low bid, but the highest may not mean best value. Evaluate each proposal’s attention to detail.
  • Read Reviews – Client reviews on Google and Yelp can reveal much about an engineer’s quality of service and communication style.


  • Analyzing – They analyze the proposed design, usage, materials, and location of a structure to determine structural requirements. This includes assessing environmental factors like wind, seismic activity, and climate.
  • Designing – They determine appropriate structural systems and materials to satisfy requirements. This includes designing foundations, roofing systems, beams, pillars, floor systems, and other structural elements.
  • Documenting – They produce detailed documentation, plans, calculations, and specifications for all structural components so contractors can build accordingly.
  • Collaborating – They work alongside architects, contractors, and developers to ensure structural solutions integrate well with design intent and construction processes.
  • Inspecting – They thoroughly inspect during construction to confirm structures are built to the engineered specifications.
  • Certifying – They review and certify finished structures as structurally sound before occupancy.
  • Advising – They provide guidance on any needed structural modifications, reinforcements, or repairs over the lifetime of a building.
  • Complying – They ensure designs meet local building codes as well as best practices for safety and integrity.

With so much depending on sound structural engineering, it’s important to choose licensed, experienced professionals who understand and fulfill these many responsibilities skillfully.

Denver Structural Engineers

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