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Our engineers have extensive knowledge of the different forces that are applied to structures over an extended amount of time and we use this information in combination with our field experience with construction projects, city codes, and building guidelines to aid in our design process. Our portfolio of structural design projects include: new construction, remodel and renovation projects, structural repair and restoration, and consults on load-bearing wall operations.

We try our best to offset budget and performance when we offer structural design services for single family, multi-family, and commercial buildings. Our job doesn’t end when we complete our drawings. Our engineering professionals can aid in the administration during the construction phase and we can recommend reputable contractors.

With the housing market skyrocketing in the Denver area, most homeowners are making the choice to remodel and renovate their homes trying to make them more updated and increase their value for future sale. This is less of an undertaking than a complete demolition and new build but it can still be a very involved task. It takes creative experience to be able to work around an existing structure that will present its own unique challenges because of its underlying structural components that must be accounted for. Our engineering company has completed hundreds of renovation projects for commercial and residential clients while overcoming many challenges to make their visions come to fruition. 

In addition to designing plans for renovation projects, we have specialized in the restoration of structural elements in buildings that have serious structural problems. Our multi faceted engineering team uses a specialized approach to comprehend how the structure failed and discover the root cause of the problem. This process allows us effectively design structural repairs that last a lifetime.

Structural Plans and Designs

No two buildings are ever the same and diversity is a mainstay, from the people we do business with to the obstacles we help them move past. Whether your project is big or small, we focus on delivering to you a service that is customized to what you need. If you need in depth structural guidance throughout your project, we can deliver. The field experience that we have built up as a firm and as individuals help us steer clear of any budgeting and scheduling problems. We pride ourselves on our efficiency while working with a multitude of projects and customers. We think that we put customers on the road to success because of how strongly our team works together.

From when we first have discussions with customers to the completion of the project, we focus on placing an emphasis on customer service and quality control. Given our vast array of knowledge, we know how even the tiniest of elements can detract from a building structure. We offer many different structural engineering services for structures ranging from the design of new builds to the design of renovation and addition projects. Structural engineering involves considering what materials are being used for building and what the intended purpose is for structural elements in order to create stable, strong, and rigid designs. Our structural engineering team in Denver works hand in hand with architects and customers to provide quality design solutions that are affordable and innovative. We do whatever it takes to make your visions come true.


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