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Denver Structural Engineer Inspections for Home Buyers

Get a structural engineer inspection first to check for issues. If you’ve typed “structural engineer inspection near me” into Google and found us, you’re in good hands. Our licensed engineers thoroughly inspect a property’s bones. Here’s how we help home buyers make informed decisions.

First, we assess all foundations, walls, beams, and other key supports. We use proven methods to spot cracks, bowing, rot, and other problems. Details matter, so we dig deep to find hidden flaws.

Our inspection reports are very clear for clients. We explain issues and priorities simply. We know major mistakes can lurk out of sight. So we provide comprehensive, understandable explanations. This helps buyers negotiate needed repairs with the seller.

Safety and peace of mind are our goals. If we find minor flaws, we recommend cost-effective solutions. For major concerns, we lay out repair options and risks of leaving problems unchecked. We aim to keep homes standing strong for decades to come.

Our engineers have deep field experience across Denver. We’ve inspected thousands of homes, from old historic buildings to new high-rises. We’ve seen it all and can quickly assess what’s unusual wear and tear vs. a serious deficiency.

Buying a home is exciting yet stressful. Let us provide expert eyes to spot structural defects early. Our detailed inspection gives you confidence during negotiations. We deliver the facts you need to make a smart investment in your family’s future.

Residential Structural Engineer Inspection in Denver

Uh oh, you noticed cracks in your home’s foundation. This can be worrying. Cracks happen, but some are worse than others. A structural engineer inspection brings peace of mind. Here’s a brief overview of our process.

First, we check your foundation type – slab, crawlspace, or basement. Each has different needs to safely support the home. What we look for is proper strength, water resistance, and vapor barriers.

Next, we look at cracks. Minor cracks happen as concrete cures. But wide, deep ones can mean shifting or settling. We measure crack width and locations to determine severity.

If the foundation has shifted, then the impact on the walls is inspected. Large shifts can mean future structural issues. Small ones may just require sealing.

Finally, we’ll assess overall integrity. Safety is our priority and we will make sure your foundation can still safely support your home.

Armed with an inspection report, you can better maintain your foundation. For major issues, we’ll recommend repairs so problems don’t multiply. Things like minor cracks can simply be sealed. This prevents water seeping in and expanding damage.

Knowledge reduces fears when issues arise. With a professional Denver structural engineer inspection, you understand what matters and what doesn’t. You can also provide reports to future buyers, giving confidence during home sales. Breathe easy knowing your foundation’s true health.

Best Structural Engineer Inspection in Denver

Is your Denver home showing concerning cracks or shifts? Or are you going through the process of buying a home? For superior structural inspections, turn to our experienced engineering team. Here’s why we’re the leaders in revealing your home’s complete structural story.

First, our licensed engineers use proven methods to identify foundation, roof, and framing issues. We dig deeper than visual hints to uncover hidden structural flaws before they become costly repairs. Detailed reports explain every concern so you understand priorities for safety and maintenance.

Additionally, we identify smart, cost-effective solutions for any problem found. Minor cracks can simply be sealed, while major issues are laid out with various repair options. We aim to keep your home standing strong for decades, not just quick fixes.

Our engineers have inspected thousands of Denver homes. We quickly assess what conditions are expected wear versus true deficiencies. This experience brings peace of mind to every inspection.

Buying an older or renovated home? Our comprehensive reports provide bargaining power if major flaws are revealed, saving thousands. For sellers, we impartially showcase well-maintained structure to instill buyer confidence.

Don’t leave your home’s structural stability to chance. Our expert engineer inspections uncover hidden problems before they become expensive repairs. Call us today to book your evaluation!

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Looking at the exterior walls of home, structural issues will almost always be identified here. Be on the lookout for walls that are bulging, bricks that have cracked, and broken mortar. Some cracks can identify a major foundation issue while some are going to be minor. However, if there are numerous cracks, inside and out, and they are grouped together, it is most definitely a big problem. 

Generally speaking, cracks larger than 3 millimeters and of different shapes and sizes will be structurally problematic in nature. One of the biggest signs that a crack is structural is that they keep getting bigger over time. 

A structural engineer will do a thorough inspection of a building to ensure it is safe and stable. First, they will visually examine important parts like the foundation, walls, roof, and supports. They are looking for any obvious signs of leaning, cracking, rotting, damage or weakness.

Next, the engineer will use special tools to test the materials and structures more closely. For example, they may tap on walls with a small hammer and listen for hollow sounds that indicate problems. Or they might utilize a measuring device to check if the floors are level or sloped.

Additionally, the engineer is checking that the building structure can withstand aging without issues. They are making sure the building won’t move, twist, or even collapse over time. After the inspection, the engineer will write up a report detailing any problems found and recommendations for repairs.

In summary, the goal of a structural inspection is to identify any issues early on. That way repairs can be made before anything fails or falls apart. Regular inspections by a qualified structural engineer are crucial to prevent major issues and keep a building safe for many years.

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